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Sam's Red Wall and White Wall Tyre Service

Welcome to the world of REDWALL TYRES. With the latest technology and wheel ingenuity we are able to bring to you our revolutionary MOBILE TYRE service..

Sam's REDWALL TYRES offer exceptional and detailed assistance for your vehicle and tyres. YES WE COME TO YOU! Our ability to bring a REDWALL service to your vehicle means all you need to do is pick up the phone.

We have a range of colours suited to enhance your vehicle in addition to the poular Red Wall and White Wall tyre standards. With the latest technology and a bit of REDWALL ingenuity we are proud to be able to bring you a world of REDWALL TYRE SERVICE to suit any busy customer.

Service Area

Redwall tyre Service is based in Sydney N.S.W Australia and services the Sydney Metrpolitan area. Outer Metropolitan services can be arranged.


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Available Colours

Available colours: Red White Blue Yellow

Other colours: Other Colours are available and can be arranged on request.

Tyre FAQ

What tyres can be used? The paint is applied to your existing tyres and can be used on most types of tyres

What else should I know? The paint is latex based and we reccomend 500km of wear to new tyres before application for best results and longer lasting effect.

Hows it done? :: Installation Photo Gallery

Contact Us

Contact REDWALL TYRE SERVICE Phone: 0414 013 846
Email: Sam's Red Wall Tyre Service

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